Our Story

Made in Rhode Island

The journey began almost 10 years ago. Our founder discovered a new refreshing combination of chopped and seasoned produce with unique flavor like no other.

2012: Hungry and nineteen with no money and nothing in the house but some produce and a spice rack, he began dicing. Tiny little squares all uniform in size for a proportionate bite with balanced flavor. Combining all the diced produce with some specific seasonings and spices, he began mixing. This "whatever is in the fridge" moment was when Seaside Salsa's original recipe was created.

We believe there's something beautiful in making something out of nothing.

2020: Over the years, we've made some changes to the original recipe but only for the better. Now, it's made with hand picked produce, real lime juice and fresh garden grown herbs.

2021:Our founder feels the product is finally ready for market and wants to share this delicious, healthy new flavor with the world. May 16, 2021 Seaside Salsa LLC is official and distributing state-wide with future plans for expansion.

We're working to get into local grocery stores but for now you can support us by scheduling a delivery or pick up anytime during operating hours! Check our new Roasted Habanero x Mango Salsa and our Original Salsa Verde flavor in the shop